2017 Fall Into Winter Transformation Challenge

It might not be January 1st but it could be time to make a resolution…

Was summer extra good to you and your waste line? Or are you wanting to shed a few extra pounds? Cityscape CrossFit’s Fall Into Winter Challenge has arrived and not a moment too late!

Before you know it, it will be time to put on that holiday outfit once again. Whether for a Christmas party, a family get together or a seasonal celebration with friends.

Do it with confidence.
Do it with pride.
Do it with us.

Join Cityscape CrossFit for a 9 week transformation challenge and be the talk of the party this holiday season.

The Fall Into Winter Transformation Challenge is only available to 20 new clients (all existing members are welcome to participate). The challenge kicks off on October 16th and runs until December 15th.

“JUST GO! You might look around and think “WHOA WTF NO” but everyone is really friendly (and badass) so you will try some new things and you will probably be weirdly motivated by the challenge and humiliation and the fact that you will surprise yourself at what you can actually do. You will look better naked!”- Richelle F

The challenge is right for you if you want…
• A new and improved body
• To become part of an amazing supportive community that will push you to reach your goals
• To meet like minded individuals who will become lifelong friends
• Professional coaching in a fun and welcoming environment
• Unlimited access to all CrossFit classes

“The perfect time to start something never arrives! Don’t be scared. Know you can do it. Compete against yourself. Compete to be better!”- Justin S

How do I participate?
There are five components to the challenge:

  1. Body Composition Analysis Change
  2. Baseline Workouts
  3. Participation Points
  4. Social Media Posts
  5. Sign up a Buddy for a 10 Day Trial

Body Composition Analysis Change (BCA)
Complete your first body composition analysis test when you sign up for the challenge, and again at the end of the challenge.  This test is included in your one time $60 entry fee and will be completed on site by our nutritionist Mia Shettler from The Wellth.  This 10 minute test will measure gained muscle mass and body fat lost over the duration of the challenge. We will have a sign-up sheet at the gym.

Baseline Workout
All participants will complete 3 standardized baseline workouts on Monday October 16th and again at the end of the challenge. We’re all about tracking progress and measured results.

Participation Points
Participation points are earned 100% through attendance in classes and Cityscape CrossFit community events.

Social Media Posts
For every positive Instagram post related to your challenge experience, using hashtags provided to you on October 16th. Max of 5 points per week, 1 post per day (Mon-Sun).

Sign up a Buddy for a 10 Day Trial
Introduction of a friend or family member to sign up for a 10 Consecutive Day $50 Trial. It’s always better to work out with a friend and why keep something this good all to yourself. Get fit with your friends!

“It is a great way to get into fitness, and it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is. Everything is scaled to your ability. The people in the class are friendly and helpful and the coaches will work with you to develop good habits. Start slow and listen to your body. Everyone wants to see you improve, and I guarantee if you keep going, you will”- Mark C

Signing up
New clients that enter the challenge will be offered a special package that includes unlimited access to all CrossFit classes for the duration of the challenge and two Body Composition Analysis tests for only $420.
Existing Cityscape members can participate for a $60 entry fee, which includes two Body Composition Analysis tests at the beginning and the end of the challenge.
Sign up in person or contact us by email at info@cityscapecrossfit.com.

Only 20 spots available to new members.

We celebrate our success!
A wind-up party will be hosted by Cityscape CrossFit where the winners will be announced on December 15th.

Together, we’ll celebrate our efforts and share in all that we’ve accomplished!