Clean Review

Use as part of your warmup keep the weight light.
There is no rest between rounds.
10 Min Total
1 Round for Max Reps:
Power Clean for 30 Sec, Rest 30 Sec, 105/155
Power Clean for 25 Sec, Rest 35 Sec
Power Clean for 20 Sec, Rest 40 Sec
Power Clean for 15 Sec, Rest 45 Sec
Power Clean for 10 Sec, Rest 50 Sec
1 Round for Max Reps:
Squat Clean for 30 Sec, rest 30 Sec, 105/155
Squat Clean for 25 Sec, rest 35 Sec
Squat Clean for 20 Sec, rest 40 Sec
Squat Clean for 15 Sec, rest 45 Sec
Squat Clean for 10 Sec, rest 50 Sec

Rest 3-5 Min

Heavy Squat Clean (Downstairs)
20 Min to Work to a Heavy Squat Clean (15 Min for lunch classes)


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