We have had one month to settle into 2019. With some of us sticking strong to our New Years resolution and others may be needing a little more help. Either way this 10 week challenge is for you. We will help you kick off your fitness goals of 2019 by providing you with the template, programming and coaching you need to stay focused and on track to an amazing 2019 fitness year.

There are limited spots available, reserve your spot now by emailing info@cityscapecrossfit.com. This Transformation Challenge will run from February 4th to April 12th. If looking better, feeling better and moving better isn’t enough to get you motivated, we are will be awarding prizes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in both female and male category.

Here’s how it’s going to work
There are five components to the challenge:
1. Body Composition Analysis Change
2. Baseline Workouts
3. Participation Points
4. Social Media Posts
5. Sign up a Buddy for a 10 Day Trial, membership or the challenge

Body Composition Analysis (BCA) Change
Complete your first body composition analysis test when you sign up for the challenge, and again at the end of the challenge to measure your BCA change. This test is included in your one time challenge sign-up fee or $60 entry fee for members with membership. The BCA test will be completed on site by our nutritionist Megan Nagy. This 10 minute test will measure muscle mass, body fat and current weight. We will have a sign-up sheet at the front desk with appointments available from January 29th to February 6th.

Baseline Workout
All participants will complete a baseline workout on Monday February 4th and again at the end of the challenge. We’re all about tracking progress and measuring results. This is a great way to see your increased fitness ability.

Participation Points
Participation points are earned 100% through attendance in Cityscape CrossFit classes and Cityscape CrossFit community events. There will also be extra points awarded for those participating in the 2019 CrossFit Open.

Social Media Posts
For every positive Instagram post related to your challenge experience, using hashtags provided to you on February 4th, you will earn points in this component. A point will be awarded for each post with a max of 2 posts per week. All posts need to be relevant to the challenge (i.e. workout, nutrition, inspiration or related to one of your goals).

Sign up a Buddy for a 10 Day Trial, membership or the challenge
Introduction of a friend or family member to sign up for a 10 Consecutive Day $50 Trial, membership or the challenge will earn you points. It’s always better to work out with a friend and why keep something this good all to yourself. Get fit with your friends!

Goal Setting
Goal setting is a big part of making lifestyle and fitness changes. To help kick start some good habits back into your life we will provide you with a goal-setting sheet with 3 different categories – Lifestyle, Nutrition and Physical/Fitness.

If you are able to hold yourself accountable, you will be amazed at not only the way you feel but also how fast your goals will become a reality. Your day-to-day life will be fulfilled with energy, success and positivity. We are excited for this 2019 Transformation Challenge and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals during the 10 weeks. This goal-setting component will not be factored into the point system but will keep you on track to becoming the best you can be in 10 weeks.

Signing Up
New clients that enter the challenge will be offered a special package that includes unlimited access to all CrossFit classes, Movement & Mobility classes and Open Gym for the duration of the challenge as well as two Body Composition Analysis tests at the beginning and end of the Transformation Challenge for only $495.

Existing Cityscape members can participate for a $60 entry fee, which includes two Body Composition Analysis tests at the beginning and end of the Transformation Challenge.

Sign up in person or contact us by email at info@cityscapecrossfit.com.

This year’s Transformation Challenge will get you there if you are willing to put in the time, the commitment and the accountability.