Thank you for the last 4 years

Hello Cityscape CrossFit Community,

Due to recent changes in my employment Charlotte, Stella and I have accepted a position for myself in Texas where we will all be relocating to for the foreseeable future. This has lead us to the decision to place Cityscape CrossFit for sale.

We have loved building the Cityscape CrossFit community, the endless amount of amazing people we have met and the growth that we have shared with each other over the years is second to none. We do believe it is time however to hand over ownership to an owner who is present and can contribute to you, the members, and the community on a level that we cannot when living so far away. Although, it is possible I do not think it is fair to the Cityscape coaching staff and you, the members, to not be available to engage with all of you on a daily and personal level. We will continue to operate and run Cityscape CrossFit until a new owner is found. We have a strong, supportive coaching staff and many amazing members that call this place their gym every day and we will continue to take care of for as long as we need to ensure you are looked after in the future of Cityscape CrossFit.

There will be no changes on the daily as we have already been operating from a distance for the last 4 months. We will do our best to transition the new owner in if and when one is found to ensure as little disruption as possible to your routine at Cityscape CrossFit. Classes will run as normal, coaching staff will continue to provide the utmost of coaching standards and be there for you for each and every workout.

We truly value each and every individual who has come through the Cityscape doors from day one. This has been an extremely hard decision but want to ensure you are being looked after the best that you can into the future.

As we may not be able to meet up to exchange stories or have a proper goodbye before Charlotte, Stella and I leave we would love to hear from you on how Cityscape CrossFit has positively effected or changed your life. We will be forever grateful for this opportunity of owning Cityscape, getting to know all of you and the growth internally we have gotten from our accomplishments as a community together over the last 4 years.

I know this may raise a lot of question as to what next for you so please feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to answer you in a timely manner to help limit any rumors. Please email and label the subject: CITYSCAPE Sale so it does not get lost in my emails. Please do not ask Christie or the coaches what is happening as I want the answer coming from myself to ensure there is no confusion or misleading answers.

Thank you,
Travis Lambert