Forever Thankful

It has been an amazing journey…

These past 4.5 years have been inspirational, gratifying, humbling for Charlotte and myself. We have met more than our fair share of amazing people through our time of owning and operating Cityscape CrossFit. Cityscape was not and is not just a place where people come to work out but a place where people come to join their friends to sweat, laugh and grow with each other over a common bond. This common bond has bonded, connected and created more relationships than I think we all know ever know. There has been ever lasting friendships created here, business relationships, acquaintanceships and even a few romantic relationships with possibility of a few marriages in the future and more little ones along the way.

We would love to share with you all the stories from day one, from the transitions and transformations to where our community is today but instead we will post a few pictures for you to scroll through to let you remember it through your eyes.

We will be forever grateful and honored for this opportunity to have met so many. CrossFit has given us some of our best friends and our best memories, so thank you to each and everyone of you who have came through our doors whether for one class or if you have been here since day one. We cannot thank you all enough for what you have taught us.

We are looking forward to stories that will continue to come from both you and Cityscape CrossFit as this community continues to excel under new ownership.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for all the lessons learned and memories created.

Travis, Charlotte & Stella